Elegance in Software Design

As an accountant, I use a variety of software during the course of the day – Excel, Oracle, Tableau, Word, etc. While certain programs are better than others (Oracle, please hire someone to help with your horrible UI!), my real joy comes when I get home every night and open Cakewalk Sonar on my computer.

Cakewalk SONAR PlatinumSonar, which is a program for creating and recording music, has gone through many iterations over the years. I first started using it in the ’90s, and the development team has continued to refine the interface over the years, while at the same time expanding its capabilities as computers and music have evolved.

Now I admit that I might be biased after having used it so long, but in my experience, it works much more smoothly, and much more intuitively, than any other software I’ve used on a regular basis. Despite the complexity inherent to a Digital Audio Workstation, it’s easy to accomplish needed tasks quickly, with a minimal amount of fiddling around with the program.

To me, that ability to accomplish complex tasks smoothly and simply makes Sonar the most elegant program I’ve used.


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