Programming Hi-Hats in Cakewalk Sonar

I wanted to give a quick introduction to programming hi-hats in Cakewalk Sonar, especially given how popular this technique is becoming in modern pop music. Using the arpeggiator and the automation lanes, Sonar makes it easy to create a wide variety of rhythmic patterns.

Using Templates in Cakewalk Sonar

Templates are a fundamental tool when using DAWs. In this video, I talk about how to use both project templates and track templates in Cakewalk Sonar, with an emphasis on using track templates to preserve synth (VSTi) settings, especially when using the synth as an effect on an audio track.

Stretching Audio in Cakewalk Sonar

Like most things in Cakewalk Sonar, there’s more than one way stretch audio. You could use AudioSnap or even Melodyne, but in this video I show use the easiest way to stretch an audio clip with minimal audio degradation.