Did Bitwig and Soundspot Shake Hands and Play Nice?

A Follow-Up to My Review of Soundspot Plugins Introduction Over two years ago, I posted a short review of a couple plugins from Soundspot, Oracle and Nebula. I was generally positive about the plugins… with one huge caveat. Two years on, has anything changed? (Well obviously, or else why would I post a follow-up?) Let’s …

How To Roll Your Own GLITCH Effect (BITWIG STUDIO Tutorial)

Glitch effects are becoming more prevalent in modern music. In this video I explore the beginnings of creating a basic glitch effect in Bitwig. Don’t forget to download your free guide, “Accelerate Your Music Making in Bitwig Studio.” Go to www.bishopswest.com/bitwigsetup to get the link.

How To: MODULATING MODULATORS (Bitwig Studio Tutorial)

I’ve shown you how to use modulator devices in a previous video, but here I take it a step further: modulating modulators. As I mentioned in the video, I’ve created a free guide called, “Accelerate Your Music Making in Bitwig Studio.” To download the guide, go to www.bishopswest.com/bitwigsetup.