Happy (Really Late) New Year!

I’m really behind on my reading. Like, really behind. I have magazines and books that have been sitting in my bedroom for well over a year. One of these is Success magazine… and what’s sad is that it’s not even a monthly magazine any more – it arrives in my mailbox quarterly. So I’m not exactly proud …

Can the New SAMPLER in Bitwig Studio 2.4 Really be Used as a WAVETABLE SYNTH?!?

Can the new sampler in Bitwig Studio really replace your 3rd party wavetable synth? In this video, I compare and contrast the sampler with the venerable Cakewalk Z3TA+2 to see how it holds up. Don’t forget to download your free guide, “Accelerate Your Music Making in Bitwig Studio.” Go to www.bishopswest.com/bitwigsetup to get the link.

My Home Studio / How to Focus When Creating Music

Today’s video has kind of a split personality. In the first part, I show you my minimalist home studio, but the juicy stuff is around 4:55 in the video, where I talk about how to focus and get super productive in a limited amount of time. Don’t forget to download your free guide, “Accelerate Your …

Cakewalk’s CA-2A Compressor Now Free (Limited Time)

I’ve been thinking about getting Cakewalk’s CA-2A compressor plugin for a while now, but it’s been hard to justify with the excellent compressors already included with Sonar. But they’ve just made it a no-brainer: I got an email this morning saying that it’s a free download for a limited time. Here’s the link: http://www.cakewalk.com/Products/CA-2A/Free.  If you do …

Dreaded Dawn

A little something I’ve been working on… While listening, imagine walking through a dark, abandoned factory, with only the light of the moon to show the way.

Elegance in Software Design

As an accountant, I use a variety of software during the course of the day – Excel, Oracle, Tableau, Word, etc. While certain programs are better than others (Oracle, please hire someone to help with your horrible UI!), my real joy comes when I get home every night and open